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Game: Agarest Senki CG ~ Second Batch

This post is the continuation of this post. Same like the previous one, I use my camera to take all these pictures.

This time I spent some time to process the images (since there are only 10 ^^).

Click to see larger image (1280×720)

Click here to download all above CG images in one zip file (3.9MB)

My other Agarest Senki pages:

Camera Info

Nikon D40, AF-S Nkkor 18-55mm Lens

Game Info



Agarest Senki – アガレスト戦記


Playstation 3



Release date

27 September 2007 (Japan)


6800 yen / US$64.90 @ Play-Asia

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  1. Deathy’s avatar

    The bride images are very nice… *save all*

    Deathy’s last blog post: Elfos VS Humanos

  2. Belela-san’s avatar

    A PS3 game that’ll probably never reach Europe :S

    Belela-san’s last blog post: Gundam 00 Original Soundtrack

  3. radiant’s avatar

    Wow, I first saw this game on Red Entertainment’s website, and am interested in buying it if it ever got localized, but according to IGN, it looks like an import only… looks like a guide is being worked on, so that may encourage me to import a copy. I do like the art, and I’ve always liked TBS games.

  4. ron~’s avatar

    hmm as far as I know there is no official english guide ..

    Currently I’m making English guide, but it’s slow because I’m busy :p it will be good if I can get more people to help me tho ^^

  5. suneo’s avatar

    wow great shots can’t believe these are from a camera! Played the demo for this but since my japanese is quite limited as well (you say you’re very limited but I suspect you are far better than I suspect!) I couldn’t really follow what I was doing during the dialogue scenes! I found myself playing through the demo three times though to see part of each character’s outcome after the trail of battles lol. Wonder if I should import this game! haha

    edit: say how did I get Louise as my picture? lol

    suneo’s last blog post: [Street Fighter IV] New-ish trailer and screenshots

  6. Choo’s avatar

    nice wallpapers, gotta love it and the last picture looks ecchiness XD

    Choo’s last blog post: Sony Rolly

  7. ron~’s avatar

    My japanese is very limited, I barely understand the story ^^;

    I only recommend this game if you like SRPG game (and anime), or wait for Disgaea 3 (31 Jan release date).

    your louise picture is random ^^

  8. suneo’s avatar

    ah..well it all works out cuz i love Louise <3
    suneo’s last blog post: [Final Fantasy XIII & Versus XIII] Trailers in 1080p

  9. Rie’s avatar

    Love the artworks…tahnk you very much for sharing them.

  10. Belela-san’s avatar

    Hey ron~ , the game is getting a Europe launch in August, thx for the info on the game btw, it made me go search for it and found out about the European release.

  11. ron~’s avatar

    hehe yeah, I know that, someone mentioned the EU release on my agarest zero post 🙂

  12. Mizore’s avatar

    That was me i found out thu a site