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What is the meaning of otadesho? otadesho consists of two words: ota and desho. Ota is the short version of otaku (explanation on the next paragraph), and desho is something like “isn’t?” or “right?”. so the meaning of ota desho is, “otaku isn’t?” which then you can reply “ota desu” (similar with “yes, I’m otaku”, desu is word of confirmation).

Otaku is a loan word from Japanese which refer specifically to a fan of japanese anime and manga.

For more explanation about otaku, refer to my post “Otakuology lesson by Shoko-tan

This Blog

This blog was made to express my otaku life. You won’t read anime review in this site (yet), but mostly you will find my personal thoughts regarding otaku related thingies (figurine, game, etc), anime merchandise that I purchase, or Otaku lifestyle (such as eating ramen!) related post.

The Writer – ron~

I also have another nickname for forums (and also PSN ID), which is ronaldhw.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m at my mid twenties and has a full time job as an IT professional. In my spare time, I play games (PC/PS2/PS3), and watch anime. I’ve been watching anime for more than 6 years, and reading manga for more than 10 years 🙂 so this kind of culture is my lifestyle.

My camera that I use to take picture:

  • Kodak EasyShare V530 (post older than August 2007)
  • Nikon D40 (post newer than August 2007)

My Nikon D40 accessories:

  • Nikor 18-55 Lens
  • Sigma 150mm HSM Macro Lens
  • Nikkon Speedlight SB-600 Flash

My contact

If you have question or suggestion, please send email to ron at otadesho dot com


  1. Aya Kyunik’s avatar

    As with most things on the net, I found this site through other sites of relevant interests~…

    But…was it intentional to leave out your contact information? ^^;

  2. ron~’s avatar

    eh, which contact information?

  3. Aya Kyunik’s avatar

    Like email or something? o_O
    Or have I completly missed it somewhere by mistake~? ^^;

  4. ron~’s avatar

    no email on my post :p hehe
    but thanks tho, I did re-check it

  5. Belela-san’s avatar

    Heya ron~ I changed my blog just to let you know

  6. lucy diamond’s avatar

    oopsies i think i just typed in the code for play asia and then clicked on the link to do more browsing =( i’m sorrie!!! i can give you my coupon code when i receive what i purchased from them to make it up to you tho =/
    i really like your site btw itz really nice and clean i just clicked on it randomly today =)

  7. ron~’s avatar

    @lucy: sure, just post here if you have received your code 🙂

  8. Seiryuu’s avatar

    oh u didn’t put any contact info in your blog, so i thought the only way to contact u is via comments. Oh i just wanna ask if we can link our blogs together. I’ve add u to my blogroll, can u link me back? u can reach my blog by click the name. thx! hope to hear from u soon. =]

    Seiryuu’s last blog post: Zakeru *VS* Gomu Gomu no?

  9. ron~’s avatar

    @Seiryuu: sure 🙂 added to my blogroll

  10. Seiryuu’s avatar

    thx! =]

    Seiryuu’s last blog post: New Forces EMERGE!

  11. lucy diamond’s avatar

    hey i just got my package from playasia and here’s a coupon code for ya ** =)

  12. Lustrous Realm’s avatar

    Hi ron~. Like Seiryuu, I would like to ask if it’s possible for us to exchange blog links? Hope to receive good news from you soon. Thanks XD

    P.S. Your otaku test rocks =)

    Lustrous Realm’s last blog post: After EOY?07, there?s now SOY?08!!!

  13. gordon’s avatar

    hello gordon from here. nice site with nice figure pics. will pop by often. ^^

    gordon’s last blog post..Singapore Concrete Jungle

  14. Dark Koji’s avatar

    Was surprised to know you have a blog – and an awesome one too. Managed to stumble across the link while browsing j1m0ne’s blog.

    Darn, your figure and PS3 game reviews just only make me drool. >_<
    Bookmarking this site into my favourites now.

  15. Sabar’s avatar

    Hi ron~, Sabar from^^ Was wondering if I could exchange blog link with you?

    Sabar’s last blog post..Nanako Figure From To Heart 2 Preorder Start!

  16. kekeke’s avatar

    Did you use the wrong katakana for “ota” on purpose or are you just bad at Japanese?

  17. ron~’s avatar

    check this link about what wotaku means

    and you can always read wikipedia first 🙂

  18. chun’s avatar

    Hi Ron~ I believe you asked me to link to you a while back and I did, but errrrm I don’t see my link on your blog roll since then lol I wanted to e-mail U instead of commenting but can’t find your e-mail either so here I am, hope U got my msg ^^;/

  19. ron~’s avatar

    hi chun, sorry about that. added now 🙂

  20. kintaro’s avatar

    Hi ron…long time no post…..wondering if we/you/or me can start an X-Edge PS3 Guide if there isnt 1 already….???

  21. ron~’s avatar

    haven’t bought x-edge yet, going to buy soon. Quite busy at the moment. There are like 4 games waiting for me to be finished >< (I haven't even finished my Tears to Tiara!!)

  22. kintaro’s avatar

    oooooooohhhhhhhhh is tears good??? ive been trying to increase my jap games……but hard to find good opinions

  23. ron~’s avatar

    Tears to Tiara is quite okay.. agarest senki is better, and I’m quite sure that x-edge is better than tears… (well etna alone is more than enough to beat Tears to Tiara haha)

  24. kintaro’s avatar

    etna? that sounds neew to me….any website to check/find info?

  25. kintaro’s avatar

    haha… i thought it was a new game when i was reading…didnt realize it was her…brain……

  26. SAndy-kun’s avatar

    Hi Ron!! ^^

    Can we do link ex-change?? I’ve added you in my blogroll.. ^^
    Thanx be4..

    Anyway, are you Indonesian people??
    I see your brother is Indonesian Medical college student (I wonder where university he belongs to..) And i see your past post about going to Surabaya… ^^

  27. ron~’s avatar

    Hi Sandy-kun, added your blog to my blogroll 🙂

    yeah I’m from Surabaya, my bro finished his study and waiting to get specialist in UI now 🙂

  28. Sandy-kun’s avatar

    Thank you very much Ron-san! ^^

    So you work in Ausie?! That’s Cool! 😀
    Wow! ur bro is great!
    I just in my 1st semester in medical.. Far from ur bro.. ^^’

  29. GerryMon’s avatar

    I just got here from my brother reference (Dion)~ cool website BTW~

    Nice Job~

  30. GerryMon’s avatar

    Whoa, thx again for linkin my blog~ 😀

  31. WhyWai’s avatar

    Run into ur site while finding online shop in Aussie for figurines… cool blog~

  32. Chappy’s avatar

    Hello, just here to inform you that i link you to my humble blog. =D

  33. ron~’s avatar

    @Chappy: added you in the blogroll too 🙂

  34. Watson Waterstone’s avatar

    How would one distinguish between “ota deshou” and “ota desu yo”?

  35. ron~’s avatar

    @watson: desu yo is emphasizing, while deshou is either inviting or asking for confirmation.

  36. Adrian’s avatar

    Wow. Nice Nikon :]
    I have a NikonD200, trying to save up for a Nik40

  37. Steve’s avatar


    Nice to see another Australian otaku blog. I was wondering if you might like to exchange links for blogrolls? I’ll be adding you to mine regardless, but here’s mine if you’re interested:

    It’s not strictly otaku-based, but most entries end up that way regardless. I’m enjoying going through your entries and I hope you might enjoy checking some of mine out too!

    Keep up the good work. :]

  38. AnimeFigures’s avatar

    Hello. I’d like to exchange a link with you if you don’t mind ^^
    My www is . Yours is already added. Thank you in advance 🙂

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