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January 2007

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Good Smile Company announced they will release Nendoroid Haruhi and Tohsaka Rin maid version both on May 2007. Both are extremely good. Especially nendoroid Haruhi is super cute >< I’m waiting for HLJ to open the preorder for this one (or should I get from Hobby Search instead).

Nendoroid Haruhi SingleNendoroid Haruhi

Super kawaii Haruhi! good job GSC 😀

Rin Maid Version

Better than saber maid version 😀

Haruhi hare hare dance

Hare hare dance, is the dance from the ending of The melancholy of
Suzumiya Haruhi.

Best Haruhi dance ever!

and this one has lots of cute dancer 😀

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Simpsons Anime Style

spacecoyote@deviantart made Simpsons anime version, you can find Futurama anime style at her deviantart site.

original version

anime version

Click here for larger picture

Found this one when browsing about school rumble fan sites (forgot from which….).

Click here for larger image

Sarah as Saber
Asou as Shirou
Mikoto as Sakura
Imadori as Shinji
Tenma as Illya
Yakumo as Ayako (archer club girl)
Harima as Berserker
Hanai as Kirei
Eri as Rin
Akira as Gilgamesh

Good match tho, a bit dissapointed that Yakumo got minor role ><

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My 1st Figurine bought from AnimeZone in box hill, and yea~ this one is the bootleg version from Alter Dark Saber. Bought this two weeks ago for A$45 (cheaper than the original but not that much…) to make it worse I spent A$95 total (this saber, and 8 pieces of fate/stay night trading figures) in that shop, and all of them are bootlegs. Well at that time I don’t know anything about anime figurine, but now I’m getting better.

If you guys bought something cheap from AnimeZone, 100% that figurine is bootleg version.

Photo taken by me using Kodak EasyShare V530

Difference with original:

  • The original has darker suit, and more vibrant color.
  • The original has her upper stocking white triangles nicely painted while the fake one isn’t, the real one should look like this