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  1. Your score is 13
    You are an Otaku ! You know most of the recent animes, but lacking on the more specialized otaku subtypes.

    =) hehe…

  2. I got 16!

    Which of these seiyuu specialists in loli tsundere voice acting :
    A. Kawasumi Ayako
    B. Kugimiya Rie
    C. Ueda Kana
    D. eh.. what is that, candy tsundere?


  3. Your score is 24
    Full time Otaku! You have great knowledge on vast otaku areas, good job!

    not too shabby i’d say

  4. I got 21. Don’t know questions 10 and 19 as I don’t watch moetan and not interested in figurine. Got it wrong for question 5 (this is so like me mistaking the question by missing out the word “not” so I chose kodomo no jikan lol) and 18 (original vaguely remember gainax had this incident but got deceived because of the changing director incident of lucky star).

    Anyway, I went and checked on those questions and now know the correct answers for all of them lol. Nice test there, ron~-san.

    @lu-k: You chose kanon, right? It’s wrong the first kanon TV series is done by Toei animation like Clannad movie.

  5. What is with question 18. Apparentlly the correct answer is Gianax, If i recall (assuming the director is Anno from NGE) he didn’t resign after getting the hate mail. He went on to make the movie, which has Gianax’s name on it. Could someone please clarify why this is the right answer or whether I am right or not or something

  6. you are correct, the answer is gainax. It was Akai, not Anno.

    he didnt resign his director job (read the question again), he resigned as a gainax founder.


    quote from that link:

    Director Takami Akai, known for directing anime such as Princess Maker, backer of the new Tengen Toppa, and designs for DAICON III and being an early classmate of Neon Genesis Evangelion director Hideaki Anno, has resigned as a Gainax founder.

  7. @veleon, it was not Anno, It was Takami Akai, who was actually a producer of Gainax that resigned. You may of heard about the incident where some fans from 2channel were basically regarded as scum by the producer. This led to a an uproar and finally the resignation of Akai.

    I guess the question was worded incorrectly as director and not producer, my bad =/

    Aya Kyunik’s last blog post: iM@S Live For You!

  8. I thought the answer to 18 should of been b, since the director behind gundam resigned when the fans created a huge uproar about how his work was getting shitty. Thats the reason why the producer behind full metal alchemist is doing gundam 00 now.

  9. “Which anime studio had fan controversies that caused a director to resign”

    “director to resign”


    Hahaha, oh wow. Please at least know what you’re talking about before you quiz people on their knowlege.

  10. Last time i checked Takami Akai also worked as animation director for that studio, but on the related incident he was the producer.

    thank’s for the input, I’ll change that to producer instead.

  11. “Your score is 7
    You are a Part time Otaku, Your knowledge is OK, but you need to learn more!”

    Well… I’m not into those moé type of shows.

  12. Your score is 12
    You are a Part time Otaku, Your knowledge is OK, but you need to learn more!

    Though I am Japanese ! orz

  13. “Your score is 18”

    Haha. I was actually hoping a lower score. I am still so not admitting I am an otaku. ^_^

  14. Your score is 4
    You are clearly not an otaku! You just like to watch anime ^^

    Yaaay! My soul is saved!

  15. Your score is 0
    You are clearly not an otaku! You just like to watch anime ^^

    wow i thought ill be over atleast 5 lol

  16. i got..

    0 (ZERO)

    it said: “You are clearly not an otaku! You just like to watch anime ^^”


    absolutely not an otaku.. just like to watch anime though.. ahaha

  17. Scored 1 ???!!!!!!
    WTF! I have a bookshelf full of mangas, more than 15o different anime series, posters, scrolls, 2 plushies, 3 figma, 1 nendoroid, I do cosplay, i go to anime cons every year and i’m an anime fan since i’m 8…. And I score 1 !!!!!!

    srsly wtf dude… Next time, do a real test that is not based on your favourite personal series…

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