2007 Otaku Expenses Review

After reading Moe Moe Rabu, Hontouni Taihen Desu and Moyism doing their 2007 expense review, I decided to calculate my 2007 expense, and to my surprise, I did spend a lot in 2007…..

note: All calculations are in Australia Dollar:

  • A$1 = US$0.89 (Approx.)
  • A$1 = ï¿¥97 (Approx)

My total expenses for otaku related item for year 2007 is A$5,193.68 (approx.) which includes:

  • Figurines (39.3%)
  • Books (1.83%)
  • Trading figurine (5.43%)
  • Games & Console (39.01%)
  • Other merchandise (5.71%)
  • Shipping cost (8.71%).

If I omit the game category, the total goes down to A$3,167.68 (approx.) which includes:

  • Figurines (64.44%)
  • Books (3.01%)
  • Trading figurine (8.91%)
  • Other merchandise (9.37%)
  • Shipping cost (14.27%).

If I add my purchase of Sony Bravia 1080p 40″ (anime watching heaven~), DSLR camera (for taking figurine pictures ^^), Figurine storages (detolfs), 16gb Ipod Touch (anime on the go!) and Japanese trip cost, the total for 2007 will exceed A$11,000.00 (approx.)…….

The number of items obtained in 2007:

  • Figurines: 37
  • Books: 8
  • Trading figurine: 4 sets 8 singles
  • Other merchandise: 1 dakimakura 2 bed sheets 1 keychain 2 t-shirts 2 posters
  • Games: 1 Console (PS3) 6 (PS3) 5 (PS2)

Total online purchase: A$2747.80

  • Item: A$2,295.69 (84%)
  • Shipping: A$452.11 (16%)

Almost all of my shipment were sent using SAL, only 3 shipment were sent via EMS.

Break down of purchase per month (of total A$5,193.68 )

  • Jan: A$301.16
  • Feb: A$225.00
  • Mar: A$1391.57 (PS3 Purchase)
  • Apr: A$115.00
  • May: A$387.92
  • Jun: A$271.09
  • Jul: A$224.96
  • Aug: A$673.88
  • Sep: A$355.00
  • Oct: A$432.39
  • Nov: A$397.79
  • Dec: A$417.92

I think this year 2008, my spending won’t change much. I’m planning to go back to Japan in August for wonfesu and comiket, and also planning to buy a good macro lens (~A$1000).

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  1. Luckily for me I haven’t spent any money on games since I barely have time to play games myself, lol. This year will be different for a lot of us as I myself am saving for Japan, so my expenditure for the next 8 months will be at a minimal. The only thing I have left in terms of major purchases is camera equipment as I want the proper equipment when I goto Japan.

    Adun’s last blog post: Figure Review: Athena Glory, Siren the Singing Water Fairy

  2. I would say I spent about less than 2k AUD on otaku stuff this year… Don’t dare to calculate cause I may just end up crying haha

  3. Nicely done, especially since it’s all on yourself! ^^b No clue how much I spent since I’m awesomely bad at keeping records but it’s unlikely I can match you. Keep the good times coming man! xD

  4. Thankfully I managed to control myself and not spend so much cash in figures and gunpla. We must also see that the difference between €/¥ is much higher than A$/¥, as of now 1€=¥161(aprox) and most likely the investors are expecting it to reach this year aprox ¥170

    Belela-san’s last blog post: Gunpla Web Family Drama

  5. ugh, it depresses me to see how much I’ve spent (which is about the same as yours…) …then I look at what I bought and I feel better again XD

    I’m too lazy atm to do a detailed analysis like you have, but I have the info all in a spreadsheet. It’s always cool looking at expenses and either be amazed by it, or feel like making one’s self taller…

    Aya Kyunik’s last blog post: Fate Awaits

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