1st Post, 1st Figurine ~ 1/8 Dark Saber by Alter (bootleg)

My 1st Figurine bought from AnimeZone in box hill, and yea~ this one is the bootleg version from Alter Dark Saber. Bought this two weeks ago for A$45 (cheaper than the original but not that much…) to make it worse I spent A$95 total (this saber, and 8 pieces of fate/stay night trading figures) in that shop, and all of them are bootlegs. Well at that time I don’t know anything about anime figurine, but now I’m getting better.

If you guys bought something cheap from AnimeZone, 100% that figurine is bootleg version.

Photo taken by me using Kodak EasyShare V530

Difference with original:

  • The original has darker suit, and more vibrant color.
  • The original has her upper stocking white triangles nicely painted while the fake one isn’t, the real one should look like this

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  1. How very strange that AnimeZone would be carrying bootleg items. I remember purchasing a few figures from them during Mini-Animania Melbourne 2006 and each one I bought was legit. If you want legit figures, you are better off buying from Tamarket.


    Or you could import them via places like HLJ or Hobby Search.

  2. Ya, it was strange. I’ve talked with Scott (animezone owner), he said that some of his figures were from Hongkong. He also said that some of his cheap figures were from factory backdoor.

    Actually several days ago I went back to AnimeZone (after educate my self with enough bootleg information). I found out that more than 50% of figurines in AnimeZone were bootleg version.

    the bootleg version price are cheaper compared to the original from another shop called Hobby Japan (not related with HLJ). for example dark saber by alter sells for A$45 compared to the original one A$95 from Hobby Japan.

    I’m waiting for several figurine from HLJ and J-List 🙂

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