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1/8 Ma-ryan ~ Kotobukiya

1/8 Ma-ryan from To Heart 2 Another Days, made by Kotobukiya. First figurine for this year! after some Play-Asia stupid delay

Bought this figurine as an impulse buy, since I dont normally buy To Heart nor Kotobukiya figurines, but this one is… sooo moe, can’t resist haha… ^^

This figurine is one of the best kotobukiya figurine I’ve seen so far. Great job for kotobukiya for creating such a nice figurine πŸ™‚

closer view

You can remove her skirt, she’s wearing a white sukumizu, but I decided not to remove her skirt, since it quite hard to put it back πŸ˜€

Full view of figurine (the other got the base covered with cottons)

This figurine is so good that Kotobukiya decides to milk more money out of it by releasing alternate costume, scheduled for May release.. but this one is definitely better than the alternate ver πŸ™‚

Overall, this figurine is lovely. If you like cute figurine, you definitely will like this one.

You can see more of this figurine photos at James site.

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens, Nikon Speedlight SB600

Figurine Info






5800 yen

Release date

December 2008



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  1. Optic’s avatar

    I remember the good old days when I can just impulse buy on a figure once every 2 months. Well, not anymore. T_T
    Lovely figure. This was the first To Heart figure where she really caught my interest. ^^

    Optics last blog post.. Happy Australia Day and Chinese New Year

  2. James’s avatar

    Awesome pics ! glad you finally got her !

    And i agree , the alternative version is quite stupid … this one’s way better πŸ™‚

    Jamess last blog post.. Hinagiku Katsura swimsuit version 1/6 (Kotobukiya) review

  3. super rats’s avatar

    Tis cute. If I go to any cons this year, this will probably wind up as part of my loot.

    super ratss last blog post.. Harima, WTF!?

  4. shino’s avatar

    Nice, this looks really sweet for a Kotobukiya production. Haven’t had an impulse buy in a while, guess the broken wallet has finally managed to rein me in? :p If she pops up at the store, might not be able to resist though ^^; So does she comes permanently affixed to the base?

  5. Dancing Queen’s avatar

    she looks so cute, it seems Kotobukiya tends to be either major hit or major miss when it comes to figures.

    Dancing Queens last blog post.. Double the Yoko, Double the FUN!

  6. kintaro619’s avatar

    WOAH….talk about loli…lol…….anways…

    Excelent Figure… good desgin and skill put into it…not to mention very KAWAIIIIII!!!!!

  7. M12’s avatar

    Good choice on going for the simple, white background.

    Yes, this figurine is ridiculously cute. The magical thingies (XD) around her look really well done. The fluff on the ground look fantastic, too.

    M12s last blog post.. Mom! Buy me a RideBack!

  8. ron~’s avatar

    @shino: yah she is screwed to the base, but you can remove the spiral thing around her

  9. dice’s avatar

    she’s soooo adorable! I haven’t been adding anything to my collection. =(

    dices last blog post.. Reel vs Real Anime

  10. sonic_ver2’s avatar

    Just like Koto’s Elwing, this is also one of the success Kotobukiya figure. Her necklace and her wing really look so nice.

    sonic_ver2s last blog post.. Haruhi goes to school ….

  11. Zeroblade’s avatar


    Zeroblades last blog post.. Happy Chinese New Year!

  12. Divine Fang’s avatar

    Tips of her hair sculpture looks… blunt? O_o

    Divine Fangs last blog post.. Queen’s Gate Alice Boost Version

  13. ron~’s avatar

    @Divine Fang: yeah, I think most kotobukiya figurines have blunt hair tips =\

  14. Otaku Dan’s avatar

    she is tooooo cute I was thinking of getting the other version of this figure.

    Otaku Dans last blog post.. Hobby Search Figure Bargain Bin

  15. Coco the Bean’s avatar

    She’s such a cutie! And I definitely agree with you that this one is better than the alternate version.

    I hear Kotobukiya’s quality has been rising lately, but the prices have also been getting more expensive as well.

  16. Hirvine’s avatar

    I can imagine why this figure was an impulse purchase. I don’t like that tornado twist from the feet to the staff, but her stance is great. I love the twist of her body.

  17. Rin’s avatar

    I do say it’s really lovely!!!!!!
    Do love this shoot!!!!!!
    Amazing shoot!!!!!!

  18. Q’s avatar

    Wow nice photoshoot there. Really like the cotton wool used on the base like smoke/cloud effects

    Qs last blog post.. HGUC KΓ€mpfer

  19. ron~’s avatar

    @Coco: not only kotobukiya, but other figurines prices are also increasing (Even the one with bad quality!) πŸ™

    @Hirvine: the tornado is removable πŸ˜€

  20. Blowfish’s avatar

    Way too cute for me ^^;

    Koto did some pretty good work on this one.I like her lil catfang.Im a sucker for those

  21. valho’s avatar

    Impulse buy is killing nowadays, with the increase in figures pricing, even a 1/8 can cost more than 7k yen =(.

    Koto figures are getting pretty good recently, with more dynamic poses, now they just need to improve on their paint job ^^

    valhos last blog post.. Happy CNY and more figures

  22. Chappy’s avatar

    Koto figures are getting better indeed. Their price is also pretty affordable.
    Did i see fang!!?? Gosh, i have got low resistance against fang girls. >.< Now, so many girls are lining up to come home with me. By the way nice review.

  23. stg25k’s avatar

    Damn spiral thing! It broke while putting it on :l .. what should I do now? … This isn’t happening…. my poor Maryan :'(

  24. ron~’s avatar

    @stg25k: wah, I feel your pain.. that’s why I didnt took the spiral off after I put it in (no photos off her with skirt removed). My only advice is to fix it using super glue…

  25. gordon’s avatar

    love the miniskirt. love the pantsu. (‘~’)

    gordons last blog post.. Random Photo Shoot 3

  26. stg25k’s avatar

    @ron: I found a very interesting way – I ordered a new one, while selling the old one to a friend of mine.. he never liked the spiral anyway πŸ˜‰

  27. Hatchuu’s avatar

    I was really tempted to buy that for the same reasons ^^
    I didn’t know who it was or anything, but it’s MAGICAL GIRL STUFF.
    I love that. XD

    Hatchuus last blog post.. Anime figures: A guide

  28. Leonia’s avatar

    Maryan, once again on pictures. But yours are very beautiful, and warm (or cordial ? sorry for my english). Congratulation!