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1/8 Gwendolyn ~ Alter

Been a while since I did my last post, was quite busy with other things 🙂

This figurine is 1/8 Gwendolyn from PS2 Game Odin Sphere, made by Alter. Gwendolyn is a Valkyrie. She’s the protagonist in the first book in the game; the Valkyrie chapter.

Landing while holding her Psypher spear. Very nice pose 🙂

Even though she’s only 1/8 scale, this figurine is quite tall and wide, thanks to her base, her wings and her spear…, but she still fit in the detolf slot, so you don’t need to worry 🙂

Alter did a very great job with this figurine, but I still think that the color they put for this figurine can be improved. It needs more vibrant color, like the character in the game.

Her base is removable, I hope the peg is quite sturdy tho.. since she shake a bit everytime I open the display case.

Random shot that I took 2 weeks ago 😀

Very pretty figurine, very nice pose, a must have for figure collector, waki fans ^^ and especially for odin sphere fans 🙂

You can see more of this figurine photos at James site.

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens

Figurine Info






7800 yen

Release date

December 2008



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  1. valho’s avatar

    She looks great, got the chance to take a look at her upclose when my friend receive his stock. But didn’t buy her though, don’t really know much about her. Saw a girl cosplaying her in one of the local anime event last year, but not this version though

    valhos last blog post.. Kanzaki Kaori ~ Nanasen

  2. Panther’s avatar

    A good figure overall from Alter. Unlike you though I like the color scheme. I prefer the duller blue. I never even touched the game despite having it lol. She is very stable despite the shaking I should think, but the shaking gets me worried each time. Right now she is on my study desk which does not move, but I will have to move her inside the cabinet since it will be a bitch to clean her.

    Panthers last blog post.. Figures Sales

  3. Dancing Queen’s avatar

    finally getting mine in the mail soon, can’t wait as she is just stunning

    Dancing Queens last blog post.. The One Yoko to Rule them all!

  4. Rin’s avatar

    Really nice photos!!!!
    She looks great!!!!!!!
    Do like the moon picture!!!!!!
    Currently still working on my photos to get it just right…
    Sadly…this equals to a ton of delays in my shoot…damn my lighting I think is too strong at times…

    Rins last blog post.. Feb Loot!!!

  5. Divine Fang’s avatar

    Your figurine photos are always enjoyable! Thanks! I did see her in a local shop and was shaking the huge box quite furiously (boss was busy) to trigger impulse buy but it didn’t work out, even though it’s an Alter :p

    Divine Fangs last blog post.. "Read more…" Feature

  6. sonic_ver2’s avatar

    As always, nice photos! I kinda hope there will be a figure of her in her black dress, not in her Valkyrie get up.

    Anyway, i guess we should thank Alter for delivering such a masterpiece. And hoping that there will be more masterpieces in the future.

    sonic_ver2s last blog post.. Valentine package and gift

  7. ron~’s avatar

    @panther: yeah this color is a lil bit closer to real life color, still good tho :), yah with all the details they put on the feathers, cleaning her will be hard..

    @Dancing queen: I’m sure you’ll like her 😀

    @rin: ganbatte!

    @divine fang: glad you like it 🙂 yeh it’s kinda hard if you don’t really know the character, moe figurine is alot easier for impulse, but this one is more on elegant instead of moe 😀

    @sonic_ver2: I like this dress more than the black dress, but will buy if Alter release the black dress ver haha

  8. Chappy’s avatar

    Gosh. The last photo is a WIN!
    Ok, are those worms on the base? I am freaking out. Just saw tons of worms on my neighbor’s plant.
    Nice photos~ Gwendolyn’s wing is awesome!

  9. ron~’s avatar

    @chappy: yeah that worm is on the base, fake one tho haha 🙂

  10. Blowfish’s avatar

    Shes one hell of a space taker but beautiful!
    Nice Job!
    I think id go with the Gathering Version though.Her Wings are sooo awesome

    Blowfishs last blog post.. Bikini Idol Iori

  11. JaQ’s avatar

    you convinced me!

    just made my order from hlj, such an elegant figurine!

  12. ron~’s avatar

    @blowfish: but the gathering version is soo expensive

    @JaQ: glad I can help you 🙂

  13. Jem’s avatar

    Really nice photos. I really like your moon shot at the end of your post.

    Jems last blog post.. Bunnies, swimsuits, Maids, and Street Fighter. Oh my!

  14. meronpan’s avatar

    curse all you gwendolyn owners 😛 maybe someday i’ll get her… but in the meantime… must save money for alter’s releases ^^;;


    at any rate, she looks wonderful as do your shots!

    meronpans last blog post.. Akiba Loot

  15. Vixion’s avatar

    i told yeee , it’s all about waki fetish lol

    nice photo as usual

  16. coeli’s avatar

    I love her details so much!

    Especially her wings!

    But personally, I think her base is a bit off.

  17. ron~’s avatar

    yeah her base is somewhat a lil bit cartoony..

  18. Windbell’s avatar

    The wings are really lovely.. but somehow I feel that there is something lacking.

    The base feels cartoon-ly ^^;