1/8 Fate Testarossa ~ Alter

Fate Testarossa (フェイト・T) from Nanoha series. I’ve had this figurine for long time, and she’s still one of my favorite figurine. She is definitely a must have if you like Fate chan ^^. And if you somehow missed her, you can rejoice now. Alter is going to re-release this figurine May 2008.

Figurine quality is top notch, as expected from Alter

I like her hair and her pose, perfect

This figurine takes a lot of space because of her cloak and her huge sword, she barely fits detolf shelf ^^. She also has nice custom base.

Click “Show” to see more pantsu 😀 [spoiler]
I lowered the light source to remove the shadows around her pantsu for these 2 pictures 😀

Aerial view, on top of her box 😀

Overall, this figurine is very good, she quite stands out from other figurines because of her massive cloak and massive sword, which is a plus point for me, which can be a minus point as well if you have limited space for your figurines ^^;

And another thing is that her box is HUGE! which makes the shipping cost for this figurine very very expensive … cheapest is around 3500 yen….

Camera Info

Nikon D40, AF-S Nkkor 18-55mm Lens

Figurine Info







6500 yen

Release date

Dec 2006 / May 2008 re-release


Pre order at HLJ

12 Replies to “1/8 Fate Testarossa ~ Alter”

  1. I was lucky, I got her from PA early this year and with free shipping too, otherwise she would have been quite expensive. Definitely the best Fate figure, I am waiting for a nice StrikerS version of Fate to be release

    valho’s last blog post: Eureka Seven Vol. 10

  2. Great figure definitely, her cape is a great excuse for me to get 1/10 figures so I can slide the figures under it as well -_- Space is limited, what’s a guy without bountiful land to do… -_-

    When I went to collect her, my eyes almost fell out of the socket since the sender sent her in a box that could fit two bicycle tyres x_X” Quite an experience to receive her back then, though with the influx of 1/4s currently, it’s become one of those “When I was your age” stories xD

    shinohai’s last blog post: ~日向ひまわり 「ひまわりっ!- Himawari!」 Hinata Himawari~

  3. Very nice, I would probably get her if I knew the character better. I never liked the hair as it is quite dull in my eyes. I’m amazed that I actually still see her at the local anime store, 80 USD. I keep asking myself, “Should I pick her up?” If anything, I could always wait until the re-release in May of next year if I really wanted to get Testarossa.

    AS’s last blog post: World?s largest melon pan has been made

  4. The detolf cabinets just can’t contain all the awesomeness of this Fate figure. Heck even for my cabinet, she takes up nearly a 1/3 of the space. Plus her box is like the largest out of my collection, and it still sits right behind my under a bunch of other stuff.

    You should have tried for a longer exposure for these photos and try balancing the white balance as her skin looks a bit yellow in some photos. If you want to take photos of figures with a dark setting, it may be wise to look into investing in a tripod and remote for your camera.

    Adun’s last blog post: Figure Gallery: The lolicious vampire Hazuki

  5. @valho: you are sooo lucky

    @shinohai: I put several nendoroids under her cape at the moment 😀

    @Adun: thanks for the tips 😀 i have tripod now, but no remote, I use timer to take the picture tho 😀

  6. I’ve watched the first two series and now am watching strikers. There’s loads of action still its a very warming heart series with Nanoha always caring and wishing to talk instead of fighting.

    This figure of Fate is really huge and amazing, definitely a must get for fans of Magical Lyrical series although its a bit big ^^

    Belela-san’s last blog post: Master Grade Gundam Unicorn

  7. Such a nice figure… I borrowed my friend’s one while he’s working in Japan XD

    His Fate is on top of one of my computer desks, with an army of Mecha Musume girls under her~

    Like Adun said, I noticed it had a lil yellow tint. Still, great photos, and I really can’t get enough of that ass @_@

    Aya Kyunik’s last blog post: Your Majesty

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