1/7 Yoko ~ E2046 Gathering

Woah, it’s been 3 months since I did my last photo shoot… been busy with many things (a.k.a Games! haha).. anyway just got this figurine Today.

This figurine is 1/7 scale Yoko prepainted resin kit (yep no need to paint etc like normal resin kit..), this pre-painted resin kit is made by E2046 as part of their gathering series. And currently this Yoko resin is my first resin figurine.

You can display this figurine in 2 position, first is like the first picture, she’s attached to the base with the help of magnet (yes magnet, not peg) inside yoko body, and the second one (2nd picture) is the upside down position, she’s attached via peg on her hair in this up-side down position.

Nothing much I can say about this figurine except that this one is excellent, so enjoy the photos 🙂

Not really sure if this one will see PVC release, I’ll be worried she will bend with this up-side down pose if it’s a PVC..

Somehow they made her bikini string with transparent string, I prefer normal red bikini string, but this one looks okay I guess…

Pretty figurine, best Yoko figurine and also one of my most expensive figurine in my collection, but resin is usually more expensive (eventho I think PVC figurines are not cheap anymore now.. getting close to resin price…).

And maybe this one will be my first and last resin purchase, resin figurine is very fragile… I accidentally broke her boot zipper and one of the gun stand while assembling this figurine, but all easily fixed by super glue..!

edit: forgot to mention that you need to use super glue to stick her hair pins, there’s no way you can stick it without glue and display her up-side down.

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens

Figurine Info







Release date

May 2009



16 Replies to “1/7 Yoko ~ E2046 Gathering”

  1. Wow, she’s looking good! except her face… don’t know why.

    Anyway, so figure can also has new technology, like using magnet as connector.

    Very nice buy, eventhough it’s very expensive XP .

    sonic_ver2s last blog post.. Nyx – Megahouse

  2. Accidently breaking something is one reason I don’t buy resins. I have a Nemu that is a prepainted resin but I dare not take out of the box in fear of breaking it especially with the ribbons being the most fragile part.

    Aduns last blog post.. K-ON! – 05

  3. Great looking figure, the first thing I notice is the bra strap haha.
    I don’t really dare to buy resin myself, one is due to the price and second, I don’t trust my local postman with something this fragile considering how some of my figures boxes turns out when they reach me.

  4. Wow that looks super fine. I have a Gathering figure, but this looks like they’ve gotten way better at painting eyes, which is the main reason I’ve never gotten another one. Hmm….maybe reconsider after seeing this. I doubt I’ll be able to get this figure from them. I can’t imagine this not selling out.

  5. @valho: the packaging is quite sturdy, the resin box itself has hard foam inside to protect the resins. and the resin comes un-assembled.

    @Dancing Queen: hmm I wouldn’t call them bootlegs (no original public release for this figurine as far as I know..), more like unlicensed work. But in akihabara you’ll find plenty of unlicensed resin works, most of them are ero pre-painted resins, and they are expensive!

    @lylibellule: yep she’s pretty 🙂

    @super rats: actually her eyes (upper normal eyes..) are better than normal PVC eyes, it’s very sharp, and they look like real eyes

  6. She looks awesome! I prefer her posed upside down; the peg on her hair just ruins it, IMO~

    Resins are very very fragile… I accidentally broke part of the wedge of my Vagabond Musashi’s foot.. good thing it’s what’s inserted into the base so it’s not noticeable at all~

    coelis last blog post.. Miyamoto Musashi is Mine!!

  7. seriously speaking, this is a very nice looking figure indeed! simply gorgeous! just one question when u apply superglue, will the paint come off?

  8. @gordon: hmm I think not, since I only put a very small amount of super glue, I think excessive use of super glue will definitely melt the paint.

  9. Nice Purchase!
    It takes quite some guts to order a 159$ figure eh?
    Imagine how I felt when i placed the order for my Gathering Combo 😀

    I adore the upside down pose.Thats something youll never see on the PVC market.Im sorry to hear that you broke some parts though.Ive been careful as hell when i assembled mine.Luckily nothing broke

    Blowfishs last blog post.. The Abduction of Tenma-chan: The Comrade

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