1/7 Yagami Hayate ~ Alter

1/7 Yagami Hayate from Nanoha StrikerS series, made by Alter. This figurine has a very very big box!!! largerst box so far among my figurines.. you can fit 2 PS3 boxes in her box!

The figurine size is not that big compared to the box haha, but still big enough for 1/7 🙂

Nothing I can say about this figurine but one, AWESOME! Enjoy the photos!

There’s also alternate head with light brown hair, but i think the darker one is better. And also her cap is removable 🙂

The base, and also they provide base for the small reinforce 🙂

This figurine is a must have! some people may hesitate because of the shipping price (5000yen SAL, 5400yen EMS), but it’s worthed!

tips: becareful when putting her on the base.. I broke one of the peg, but super glue easily fix that…..

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens

Figurine Info






9800 yen

Release date

November 2008



27 Replies to “1/7 Yagami Hayate ~ Alter”

  1. I like this figure, though I can’t quite stand it how Reinforce was done. Their Reinforce for Hayate actually makes Yujin stuff look fantastic *sigh* So I skipped over her via the online route, preferring to wait till the shop gets her in where I get to see everything first before I make a decision.

    I prefer the dark hair as well, though the Unison mode does provide more options. Just hope I’ll be able to fit her in somewhere if I do get her, but since it’s Hayate, guess I better try to clear some space for her now in preparation ^^;

  2. Im no Nanoha Fan but i must admit that shes quite impressive!
    They certainly have built in some nice effects.Id love to see that box of her^^

    May i ask an complete Off-Topic question?

    Im trying to play around with the Exposure Rate/Shutter Speed ISO etc. of my Camera.Im somehow totally lost with all the techtalk.Do you now of an easy top understand guide how to handle that stuff?

    Blowfishs last blog post.. Reinforcements!

  3. Definitely one of the best works from Alter can’t wait to get mine which will probably take some time cause I have to wait for european suppliers to distribute them.

    You’re using the white background quite well but somehow there’s light missing on this figure shots, I mean Miku was more “vivid” and Hayate is missing some light on her front which makes her look dark

    Belela-sans last blog post.. Kan’U Unchou, take me to the sky

  4. @shino: yah true, the quality of the small reinforcement is somehow lacking =\ but it’s soo small

    @blowfish: hmmmm, not sure about guide, but I think it’s a lot easier when you try it yourself. shutter speed control the brightness, longer shutter speed is brighter. and another thing you may want to play around is the aperture (1/fstop), the higher the fstop number, the bigger the depth area (1/22 will have most of your picture focused while 1/4 will have small focus range and all blurred)

    @belela-san: miku looked brighter because her face was facing toward the light. And maybe because of this figurine size as well, it’s a lot bigger compared to miku 🙂

    @dancing queen: hehe you’ll love this one.

    @mini: yah, you need to watch it, it’s good 🙂

  5. @meronpan: yah, her wings were close to the lights haha, she’s big and my photo area is very small 😀 the wings are transparent actually, but darker

  6. yay actually buy that!!!!???

    actually i’m amaze @ anyone who buy her since the price is too high >_<

    well her box defibitely big, i ques it is bigger than excelica in volume

  7. I want, I want, I want. You gotta love her so much! Yeah, I knew it was kinda big, foobarbaz had put Hayate and Vita next together. I thought Vita was big .. well Hayate just is huge, and incredible piece of work. I prefer the dark hair as well.
    Ooh, the wings are translucent! I thought they were black :S, mmmm. Weren’t they black in the anime?

  8. @vixion: yah this one expensive, especially with the current exchange rate.. she’s my most expensive figurine now (A$200+ total incl shipping -_-)

    @hirvine: yah her wings are translucent, it’s kinda black when there’s no light around 😀

  9. She’s really awesome. Like the rest of Alter’s figures from Nanoha. Awesome details, great colors, and they even bothered with some text in the book. And you get a small Reinforce as a bonus ^^

    Me thinks too that StrikerS is the best.

  10. ^^ expensive but a well-made figure by Alter. Rin mentioned the same thing about the box being so huge when he got his.

    T.T you just made me wanting to get her now.

  11. She’s definitely worth it, I got her off Hobby Search, shipping was 4k yen but I got tax for about 22USD. She’s currently my most expensive figure at the moment.

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