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1/7 Sonsaku Hakufu ~ Wani Books / GSC

Sonsaku Hakufu Comic Gum Figure Collection Cerberus Ver (Black Version) made by collaboration between Wani Books and Good Smile Company, from the ikkitousen series. She’s my first Ikkitousen figurine 🙂

Two things that I don’t like from this figurine, first one is her hair, and the second one is that she looks so fragile, and can lean anytime. Apart from those negatives, she’s actually quite nice, good sculpt and good paint quality (as expected from collaboration with GSC)

Her lower cloth is detachable, attached to the main body using magnet

The detachable part, as you can see has a small magnet

Full body shots:

Her spear:

Overall, I’m quite fond of this figurine, her good points, nice build quality and nice dynamic pose, outweigh her minus points 🙂 (I still hope that she won’t lean!).

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens

Figurine Info

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  1. Kippei’s avatar

    I have her as well. having trouble stablising the crescent moon.

    Kippei’s last blog post..Lunar Fireworks

  2. super rats’s avatar

    That’s the only part that’s removable? Not a bad figure for an Ikkitousen figure. I still wait for an Ukitsu.

    super rats’s last blog post..Nadie, El Cazador

  3. lu-k’s avatar

    I saw her for real, and was impressed by her size. She’s quite huge for 1/7.
    Congratulation for your first IKKI TOUSEN figure hehehe ^^

    The only thing I don’t understand, is why on earth is she handling Kanu’s weapon?? I need someone to explain me that, otherwise I’ll blame this figure for ever :p No just kidding ^^

    Beautiful shots, I like all those white reflects the dress. Picture w_n_08 is… yummy ^^

    lu-k’s last blog post..Hunger

  4. shino’s avatar

    Thats some really nice sculpting done for her body, even if her hair looks somewhat massive. Her dress is really excellently done as well with the glossy black used really sweet. Like lu-k, I was kind of wondering why she’s handling Kanu’s weapon as well ^^; I thought maybe my memory was failing me but thankfully lu-k confirmed it that it was Kanu’s weapon afterall.

  5. ron~’s avatar

    didn’t realize that it was Kanu weapon ^^; after checking more, it’s indeed Kanu weapon 😀

    Sonsaku is borrowing Kanu weapon since she doesn’t have one :p

  6. AS’s avatar

    I don’t like the hair which is why I didn’t order her. But I did order the Kanu version which should be coming in soon ^^. I wonder if her cast off is more than just the dress ;p.

    AS’s last blog post..Cute anime girls drawn in less than 2 minutes

  7. Dancing Queen’s avatar

    she does look nice, i was never a fan of the ikki tousen series and honestly there are far to many ikki tousen figures being made, but at least you didn’t make the mistake my boyfriend did and bought two yamato shit figures and you got yourself a GSC figure. the magnetic detachable skirt is interesting, i’ve yet to see that on a pvc figure. Does it line up properly or does it have like a noticeable crease?

    Dancing Queen’s last blog post..Max Factory Fauna

  8. ron~’s avatar

    the magnetic skirt is perfectly done, hard to notice that one is detachable (but it’s easy to detach because it’s magnet).

    I’ve made several pre-orders for ikkitousen figurines, but always cancelled them. Almost cancelled this one (because of her hair ._.),but decided not to cancel it (GSC factor =\). I always wanted at least one sonsaku figurine ^^;

  9. valho’s avatar

    hmm maybe Kanu got her ass kick and Sonsaku stole her weapon. Anyway really nice figure, but didn’t really like the face though, other than that superb

    valho’s last blog post..Toys Workz @ GACC 2008

  10. Adun’s avatar

    Certainly her hair is a little different than to some of the other versions out there, and that is what usually makes it very distinct, even if they are good or bad points.

    The magnet sure is an interesting way to have removable clothes. At least that way it won’t rub.

    Adun’s last blog post..H20 ~Footprints in the Sand~ – 09

  11. coeli’s avatar

    I don’t really like her. As far as Ikki Tousen goes, I’m for Kanu.

    Great shots, though!

    coeli’s last blog post..Learn how to cook effortlessly!

  12. Choo’s avatar

    not really a fan of Ikki Tousen though. XD although i like some of their figures.

    Choo’s last blog post..Hirano Aya – Angel Rune Sentiment

  13. Setsuna-san’s avatar

    Ikkitousen not my cup of tea.

    looks rather good though.

    i see some fangs!!

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..My fan art: Trying to create but ended up copying.

  14. Jerome’s avatar

    wow.. I thought her underwear is detachable.
    I was so excited as I scrolled down the pics one by one..
    Too bad things didn’t go the way I hope:D

  15. Rin’s avatar

    Ah, the good old Ikkitousen. I love that show. Nice pics!!!
    I wonder if there is going to be Ikkitousen figures with detachable clothes…

    Rin’s last blog post..Airi

  16. Aya Kyunik’s avatar

    Oooh, Ikkitousen and their women XD

    Nice comprehensive photos too~ :3

    Aya Kyunik’s last blog post..THE iDOLGE@SS

  17. Blowfish’s avatar

    Just stumbled across this review…Its already stone old but here are my 5 cent:

    This Sculpt is based off the first Page Illustration of Ikki Tousen Manga Vol1.
    She holds Kanus Spear there too.Therefore it isnt the Sculptors fault.

    The only one who really knows is the Mangaka himself.

    So now to my Question:
    MY Sonsaku came with a Metal Pole that supports her in the back part of her dress.Yours didnt?

    I have all three Cerberus Ikki Tousen Figures and they are sooo HUGE!
    They are actually taller than my 1/6 Aya…Weird…o.0

    Blowfish’s last blog post..Übung macht den Meister

  18. ron~’s avatar

    she comes with the metal support 🙂 but I didn’t use the metal pole for the photos..

    My Sonsaku is leaning now, the metal support is not strong enough 🙁

  19. Blowfish’s avatar

    Ah alright! I just wondered because you didnt mention it in the Review 🙂

    Yours leaning?Im sorry to hear that.Ive got mine around the end of March and shes still fine.
    It cant be the temperature right?
    If i remember right it should be winter right now in Australia

    Great to see youre also answering your old posts.I like your Blog from what ive seen so far.Keep up the good work

    Blowfish’s last blog post..Übung macht den Meister

  20. ron~’s avatar

    She’s been leaning as long as I can remember.. started to lean after I got her for 3-4 days i think.. I had to put something on her base now to balance her ^^;

    Glad you like my blog 🙂

  21. DarkShinobi’s avatar

    This figure has given me so many problems since the day I opened the box.

    FIRST I thought that the skirt piece was BROKEN off.


    I looked it over…and didnt really see a “break point” so, I was content to snapping it by her thighs to support it.

    Then I realized the magnet.

    Later on…she started her leaning.

    First…towards her left, and tipping over and falling eventually.

    So, I got a hairdryer and heated up her right ankle a bit, and angled it towards her right.

    THEN…she started leaning and tipping over to her RIGHT!

    Then, I had the idea to get rid up the metal pole that was going up her back. It seemed to be swaying her towards leaning.

    IT worked! BUT…guess what happened then?

    Yep…you got it. She started leaning BACKWARDS!

    So, I finally got some do-hick-keys I had laying around the place and placed them under her right leg for more support.

    So far…its working.

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