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1/7 Lucy ~ Wave & Merry X’mas 07

First of all I want to say, Merry Christmas 2007 to you all, may you all have Moe Christmas! 😀

This figurine is Lucy Maid red version from To Heart 2 produced by Wave. Her red dress suits her as xmas maid 😀

She’s really cute, her pink hair is nicely done, not perfect but still nice ^^, her maid suit also has good details

Nice zettai ryouiki ^^

She’s cute, as you can see from all these photos 😀

her long stocking is nicely done as well.

full figurine view


Overall this figurine is the second best Wave’s figurine (I say that suiseiseki is the best Wave figurine so far). The quality is good, but still can’t beat Max Factory, Alter and GSC.

Camera Info

Nikon D40, AF-S Nkkor 18-55mm Lens

Figurine Info







4900 yen

Release date

July 2007


In stock @ HLJ

ps: seems like there’s a dust on my lens -_- in some pictures you can see a spot on her hair

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  1. AS’s avatar

    Cute figure ^^, very shiny lol. Your lighting skills seem to get better and better with each new figure shoot, very nice (thumbs up).

    AS’s last blog post: To bring you into the mood of the holidays

  2. lu-k’s avatar

    A perfect figure for this occasion ^^ Love her zettai ryouiki!
    Great white background pictures too. I am always admiring towarf those kind of shots, since this is one thing I still can’t manage to make correctly.

    And merry “moe” xmas to you too, ron~! ^^

    lu-k’s last blog post: SOS団 is Watching You

  3. Adun’s avatar

    A Moé Moé Christmas to you! May you be showered in girls with zettai ryouiki!

    Adun’s last blog post: Merry Christmas for 2007 and my much needed holidays

  4. shinohai’s avatar

    Always liked Lucy lots (ru~~!) and would have grabbed her if I ever saw her first hand, but she never came into the shop so I’m just waiting and waiting T_T

    Sweet photos, certainly a job nicely done on a sweet figure which just makes it better ^^b Wishing you a Moe Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well! =D~

    shinohai’s last blog post: No. 47 Clare 「Claymore : クレイモア」 クレア

  5. Vixion’s avatar

    right figure at right moment

    Vixion’s last blog post: A Treasure in The Junk?.

  6. Danny Choo’s avatar

    Seasons greetings Ron!

  7. Seiryuu’s avatar

    cute and beautiful figure! your photoshooting skills are good, made her look pretty from different angles! oh right, Merry Christmas to you too! =D

    Seiryuu’s last blog post: Merry X?mas! HO HO HO!

  8. Kirakun’s avatar

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Lustrous Realm’s avatar

    the shots were great! and merry Christmas!

    Lustrous Realm’s last blog post: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2007!!!

  10. Setsuna-san’s avatar

    Merry Christmas!!

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post: Seasons greetings and blessings for all!!!

  11. super rats’s avatar

    Merry Christmas. Lucy’s a good pick to deliver the message. 🙂

    super rats’s last blog post: She’s Miss Nobody from Alter

  12. ron~’s avatar

    Thanks all, I hope you all had a good christmas 🙂

  13. dice’s avatar

    Ron~~ Moe Aussie Christmas!~ :Þ
    I’m not late right? There are 12 days of Christmas right? So it’s still christmas ne! LOL

    Thanks for the well wishes~ I’ll add you to my PS3 friend list VERY soon!

    Yeah Lucy’s cute! Her tilted head and that nonchalant/ innocent face sorta reminds me of Kureha. ~ (^.*) ~

    dice’s last blog post: Recycled Vs Expired Christmas Gifts

  14. valho’s avatar

    perfect figure for christmas and merry Christmas

    valho’s last blog post: Flag Vol. 1 Collector?s Edition